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A Curated Welcome

We first want to thank you for signing up for A Curated Style. We are beyond pumped that you’re on this journey with us, and the response we’ve gotten since launching the site was much more than we expected. Your survey responses have been very useful, and it helps justify that we’re doing the right thing.

We wanted to send out this welcome email to just say hello, give you an idea of what to expect and why we’re doing this.

So many cool and unexpected things have come our way just because we spend the extra few minutes a day to dress well and care. Just the other day we ran across a list of changes to expect once you begin to pay attention to your style – and let us tell you, we can certainly attest to many of them. We think every man should experience some of these and want to do our part in helping.

Generally speaking, there’s no right or wrong style. There are some basic “rules” that you’ll learn, and then you’ll learn when to break them. Over time, you’ll have your own right answers to style questions that may differ from our right answers. That’s what will make your own style unique. We don’t plan on doing that for you, we just want to open your mind to new thoughts and directions, and let you take it from there.

There’s also selfishness in writing this newsletter: we’re convinced that not only will we be helping other men dress well, but we’ll challenge ourselves to dress better and try new things to pass long to you, the reader. So we’re in this together.

Which means we want you to get involved too. As you start finding your way with style you’ll have questions. We want to hear those questions. We want to know what you’re thinking, because there’s a good chance that someone else is thinking the same thing. The really good questions (don’t worry – there’s no such thing as a bad one) will make it into the newsletter (with attribution and a link, if you’d like, or total anonymity, if you prefer that). So, please, send us your questions to:

Expect the first email in a few weeks. We’re working hard on our content, and we want to make sure we start off on the right foot. We have a lot of ideas for this newsletter down the road like bringing on guest experts, reader stories, just to name a couple.

We’ll have the survey up for another few days. We’re also on Facebook and hope to get reader engagement there as well, whether it’s questions we can answer or just general feedback.

So thanks again for signing up and we look forward to getting this journey started.

– John & Marvin