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3 Fits, 3 Budgets: Spring 2016

The exciting thing about spring is obviously the warmer weather, which means you can finally shed some layers and brighten up your color palettes. Our last newsletter with the 3 outfits and 3 budgets got great feedback, so we’re keeping it going seasonally with another one for this spring.

Of note, some of these item prices are listed full price, and others are listed on sale. So prices might fluctuate a bit depending on when you view the item.

5 Stylish & Affordable Watches

MVMT watches

Watches are one of the biggest statements you can make with your outfit, and easily your most important accessory. Aside from being stylish as hell, the obvious benefit is telling the time without needing to reach into your pocket and pull out a device. Now, we aren’t big watch guys in the sense of paying a premium because of the movement of the watch. We’re in it for the style and want the most bang for our buck. So we have some great options for when you’re ready to upgrade your watch without breaking the bank.