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Purging, Giving, and a Gift Guide

A few weeks ago my wife texted me asking if I had any clothes to give away because one of her students was homeless and in need. My heart sank. I didn’t hesitate to respond “yes”. The minute I got home I went straight to my closet and did a quick assessment to start purging: shirts, sweaters, shoes, whatever I didn’t wear often left my closet.

It felt good to not only help someone else in need, but to trim the fat from my closet as well. This is the time of year that everyone should do this.

Fall Preperation

Fall color palette
It’s not quite time to pack away the shorts and tees, but in the coming weeks we’ll slowly start adding layers to our daily outfits. But what you lose in warm weather, you gain in style options. Dressing up in the fall has so many options and possibilities.  And the colors you wear and layer up with can present some great looking outfits. Here are some thoughts on how to get you thinking about your fall wardrobe.