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Tips for Traveling in Style


We’re in the peak of holiday travel season, and many of you will be jumping on planes and trains to head to go see loved ones. As you navigate train stations and airports, your outfit will attract tons of eyeballs, whether you looks sloppy or well put together.  … Read more

Keeping a Personal Lookbook


When developing a new personal style, it’s always good to have inspiration. You’ll get into the habit of looking at how other people dress and you’ll craft your own thoughts on what you’d want to do with your own clothes.

A great source of inspiration is keeping your own personal lookbook.… Read more

Introducing Snap Style


A Curated Style started as an idea from a couple of guys who liked to share cool men’s style-related items and links with each other over instant messenger. Well… we still do this. (Marvin has been asked his opinion on WAY more varieties of loafer than he ever thought was possible.) Every day we come across cool wardrobe pieces of clothing and accessories.… Read more