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2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Photo by @jdhancock on Flickr

Photo by @jdhancock on Flickr

The holidays are approaching very quickly, and there’s a good chance that someone is thinking about gift ideas for you. We thought it would be a good idea to throw some ideas your way. If you’re anything like us, you’d prefer people not buy you clothes other than maybe a significant other. So our list full of non-clothing items, but still full of good style.

Sweat the Details

Accessories are those small details that take an outfit from good to great. And if you thought accessorizing was just for women, we’re here to t ell you that’s not the case. When we hear the word “accessories”, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a women’s store filled with jewelry and other things that sparkle. But nowadays men have a good range of accessories at their disposal – same things, just with less sparkle. We’d like to talk a bit about these little details that will greatly spruce up your style and keep you standing out from everyone else.