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Keeping a Personal Lookbook


When developing a new personal style, it’s always good to have inspiration. You’ll get into the habit of looking at how other people dress and you’ll craft your own thoughts on what you’d want to do with your own clothes.

A great source of inspiration is keeping your own personal lookbook. By this I mean create an album on your phone, and take pictures of things to store and reference later. This can be someone that you see on the street, an advertisement or even pictures from a magazine. Over time, you’ll have a nice archive of ideas you can pull from when you’re thinking about new outfits or buying options.

Another useful thing about keeping a lookbook, is when you’re out shopping and don’t know where to find a particular item, you can show a salesperson that picture and they can [hopefully] help you find that item, or something similar. It’s much better than you trying to describe an item on your own.

It’s also useful to keep an album of your own outfits that you’ve worn and liked. Whenever I suit up and really dig what I’ve put together, I take a pic to refer to later. Then you can see how your style has progressed, and your lookbook will include your own styles. It gives you a good sense of what works, and what doesn’t.

All in all, you get better at dressing well by getting inspired from elsewhere. So don’t rely on your memory and journal your findings. You’ll thank yourself later.