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Finding Inspiration on Instagram


There are a ton of places to find style inspiration, and you certainly shouldn’t limit yourself to just one place. It’s important to pay attention to everything: mens clothes, women’s clothes, kids clothes, and so on. There’s always inspiration to be had.

Lately, I’ve been finding some really great style inspiration from Instagram. Being the visual service that it is, it’s the perfect place to find style ideas and new brands. I even bought a bracelet from Thread Etiquette, which I found on Instagram. And since I’ve been so inspirited lately, I thought I’d share a few of the accounts that I’ve come across.

EJ Samson
Phil Cohen
Blake Scott
Dapper Scene
Adam Gallagher
Steven Onoja
Atlas and Mason
Mens Fashion Team
The Detailed Gent
Zara Men
Gents Lounge
Dressed to Ill
Ensemble Style
Alberto Ortiz Rey
Eklavya Juneja
Ulterior Motive
Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist)
High Snobiety
Need Edition
Jack Threads

Of course there are tons more people to follow, including myself and Marvin, but that should be a good start. Don’t forgot check the user’s hashtags in their comments, if they leave them. You can normally follow the rabbit hole of those hashtags and find really good stuff.

Aside from people, it’s worth following your favorite brands there as well. Sometimes they’ll post sales and sneak peeks to upcoming clothing items that aren’t on sale yet.