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Zero Effort Style

We believe in always looking good, but that doesn’t always mean feeling the need to dress up to do so. Over the years we’ve added enough pieces to our wardrobe to handle “off days” where you just need to throw something together without putting too much thought and effort into it. So in light of the holiday season, we’re going to take it easy in this week’s newsletter and tell you how to take it easy and still look good.

Budget Conscious Style

We get a lot of questions about where we shop and how to keep clothing costs low, while still remaining stylish. So we decided to dedicate this newsletter to helping you build your style on a budget. As we help you build and update your wardrobe, we realize that you don’t have an endless stream of money to spend on clothes. We don’t either. And you certainly don’t have to buy expensive clothes to have style. In this issue, our aim is to help you find stylish clothes without breaking the bank.