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3 Fits, 3 Budgets: Spring 2016

The exciting thing about spring is obviously the warmer weather, which means you can finally shed some layers and brighten up your color palettes. Our last newsletter with the 3 outfits and 3 budgets got great feedback, so we’re keeping it going seasonally with another one for this spring.

Of note, some of these item prices are listed full price, and others are listed on sale. So prices might fluctuate a bit depending on when you view the item.

Budget Conscious Style

We get a lot of questions about where we shop and how to keep clothing costs low, while still remaining stylish. So we decided to dedicate this newsletter to helping you build your style on a budget. As we help you build and update your wardrobe, we realize that you don’t have an endless stream of money to spend on clothes. We don’t either. And you certainly don’t have to buy expensive clothes to have style. In this issue, our aim is to help you find stylish clothes without breaking the bank.