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3 Outfits, 3 Price Points

Photo by @subraytan on Flickr Photo by @subraytan on Flickr

We thought it would be a fun exercise to choose a few different price points and challenge ourselves to put together outfits at each of those budgets. And these are our results. It’s worth nothing that some of these items we chose are full price, while others can be had on sale. But we hope this serves as inspiration on what you can do with different price points.

The Basics, Part 1

Fashion trends come and go, sometimes quickly. It’s not always the best idea to sink a lot of time, money and thought into “what’s hot” right now. But you can count on one thing to be consistent – that the basics never go out of style. We’re starting a multi-part series on the basics that you need in your closet. When you’re caught in a bind on what to wear, know that the basics will always work.