Fall Preperation

Fall color palette
It’s not quite time to pack away the shorts and tees, but in the coming weeks we’ll slowly start adding layers to our daily outfits. But what you lose in warm weather, you gain in style options. Dressing up in the fall has so many options and possibilities.  And the colors you wear and layer up with can present some great looking outfits. Here are some thoughts on how to get you thinking about your fall wardrobe.

5 Stylish & Affordable Watches

MVMT watches

Watches are one of the biggest statements you can make with your outfit, and easily your most important accessory. Aside from being stylish as hell, the obvious benefit is telling the time without needing to reach into your pocket and pull out a device. Now, we aren’t big watch guys in the sense of paying a premium because of the movement of the watch. We’re in it for the style and want the most bang for our buck. So we have some great options for when you’re ready to upgrade your watch without breaking the bank.

Wearing Sneakers With Style


I love casual clothes. Hoodies and jeans are my jam. It’s almost become a game for me to see how casual I can go while maintaining stylishly appropriate attire for the event. Wearing the right sneakers with the right outfit occasionally helps me achieve this. There’s a bit of an art to wearing sneakers in a manner such that you still look like a stylish guy. We’re going to go through the various “categories” of sneaker and offer a few suggestions on how you can wear them well.


Dressing Unique In Wedding Season

Just this past year, I ran across the simple but radical idea of throwing a silk-knot, nylon cufflink through the lapel notch on my suit jacket. The very first wedding at which I tried it, I found myself getting lots of compliments on the suit. Even more so than the times I’d worn the same suit before. From that moment on, it was solidified in my mind that it’s the tiniest of details that can take your look from good to great. Following are a few tips we’ve found to help step your wedding suit game up.