Dad Style: Stretch Denim

When I thought about starting the Dad Style series, the first item that came to mind is stretch denim. I first discovered them about 6-7 years ago. After buying my first pair I wanted every pair of jeans I bought to have a bit of stretch. When kids came into the picture, they became even more valuable.

So what is stretch denim? It’s exactly how it sounds. It’s denim with about 1-3% elastane (aka spandex). To the naked eye, they look like every other pair of jeans. But to the touch, they give just the flex you need as dad.

Kids are active, and demand that you be active along with them. So you need pants that can move and be flexible with you. And they’re certainly more comfortable than your standard jeans.

In terms of brands, just pick your favorite and they more than likely have a stretch option. You’d be hard pressed to find a brand without it.

There are no special style guidelines for stretch denim. You wear them exactly like you’re used to wearing them.