The Backstory

It started with the odd question from a friend or two – seeking help on a shirt choice; wondering whether a particular tie was a good idea with that suit; Even being asked by women to accompany them on shopping trips to offer up suggestions. This got my wheels turning. Being the type that likes to help others, I realized that I just might have a little knowledge and expertise in a subject that could benefit others. The decision was easy. A Curated Style was born.

This is a project of passion. I’ve always found myself discussing the nuances of men’s style with link-minded friends- frequently sharing links back of forth of cool items, the latest sales of our favorite brands, and various philosophies on the tenets of style. Now I’d like to include you in those conversations.

There are plenty of men out there who dress really well. While we’d certainly welcome your eyes to our newsletter, you’re not our target. Other men couldn’t care less about how they dress. I’m not targeting you either. This is for men that want to dress better, but need direction and help on where to start.

We plan on giving you a general idea on how to dress well, open your minds to new ideas, and teach you to pay attention to the details that most don’t. Hopefully you’ll get to a point where you no longer need our newsletter and have the confidence to go out on your own and develop your own style.

Thanks for joining our newsletter. We look forward to helping you dress better.