My 2017 Style Goals (and Grading 2016)

While I still don’t do New Years resolutions, last year I started creating style goals. And before jumping into what my 2017 goals are, I should revisit how I did with my 2016 style goals. Overall I think did well with my goals, but there’s always room for improvement to not only building upon the 2016 goals, but combining them with new 2017 goals as well. So here is how I did for my 2016 goals…

Discover new brands
There are two new brands that I purchased in 2016 that I’m very happy with. The first being M. Gemi. I was in need of a nicer loafer that I could dress both up and down, which lead me to The Sella (which is currently on sale). I’ve been very pleased with them, and the construction/quality of them has felt top notch. And bonus points for them being handmade.

Another brand that I bought into, which is currently my favorite brand, is Kit and Ace. They pride themselves on technical athletic-like wear for everyday clothing. So it’s extremely flexible and comfortable. I have 3 of their shirts, (including a super comfy henley, pictured above) and will most certainly be getting more in the future. While their pricing is steep, their Last of It (aka sale) items are much more affordable.

Finding new ways to wear sneakers
I will say, that I didn’t put much effort into this goal, though I did add another pair (pictured) to my slowly growing collection of sneakers. I will let this goal die in 2016, as I don’t have much of an interest in seeking this out again.

Refining my closet
I went through two efforts this last year to purge things from my closet down to only the items I’m really interested in wearing. While It was great to get rid of things, I also think I could purge even more.

Focus on quality over quantity
To piggyback off of new brands goal, the Kit and Ace shirts that I bought last year are of very high quality, and I felt it as soon as you put the shirts on. So the ball is still rolling on this goal, since it’s a longer term goal. But the top items on my “to buy” list certainly fall into the quality category.

2017 Goals

For 2017 I’d like to challenge myself even more, while still maintaining my love for style and clothing. So here are my goals for the year…

Buy Less Clothing

“But John, you love clothes…why buy less?”

I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking. And it’s what I’ve internally debated while thinking about this goal. My love of clothes isn’t fading, but I have a tendency to buy things I like, quickly. I need to focus more on buying things I love, and let the things that I like just simmer for a while before buying. Chances are, those things that I just liked, I’d buy a whole lot less of. Which is both good for my wallet and my closet.

Get more creative with my wardrobe
In buying less clothing, it’ll force me to focus on getting more creative with my current wardrobe. I have plenty of clothes to try new combinations with, and sometimes that rekindles the interest that I’ve had with an item I haven’t worn in some time.

Wear jeans less
I’ll admit, this one is going to be tough. I literally wear jeans every single day. So this is more of a personal challenge to branch outside of my norm. I have plenty of other chinos and such to where I shouldn’t feel bound to jeans.

Try a new accessory
I wear a watch and a bracelet just about every single day. I love accessories. But I also tend to wear the same types of them on a daily basis. This year I want to try out a new accessory that I haven’t really worn before. Could be a necklace, bowtie, hat, who knows. But I’m going to challenge myself to try something new.

I think these goals will prove to be pretty challenging, so I look forward to seeing how I fare for each of them. Of course I’ll be posting new fits and purchases on both the ACS Instagram account and my own Instagram account, so make sure you follow along.

Happy 2017! And let me know your own style goals if you have them!