My 2016 Style Goals


We recently talked about setting style goals, and after writing that, I took a little time to think of my own style goals for 2016. So I thought I’d share them with you.

Discover new brands
In 2015, I think I made some pretty good purchases to expand my wardrobe, but I didn’t go a good enough job and branching out past the brands I’m used to. This is partly due to the tons of sales there always are with the bigger name brands. I want to get away from that a bit and start checking out smaller brands that aren’t as widely known.

Find new ways to wear sneakers
I’ve never been a huge sneaker guy, but I do own a few pairs that I’ll wear every so often. I want to challenge myself in finding different and unique ways I can work sneakers into my outfits. Especially since I have my eye on another pair or two to add to my footwear lineup. Hopefully my loafers don’t take it personally.


Refine my closet
I’ve done a pretty decent job and getting rid of clothes that I rarely wear. But I can certainly do better. While eventually I want a large closet with lots of options, I don’t want a bloated closet. I need to do a second take on my clothing selection and purge down further, even for items that I really like but don’t wear as often as I should. If it’s not in a regular rotation, it shouldn’t be taking up space.

Focus on quality over quantity
This piggybacks off of the previous goal. Moving forward I’d like to start shifting focus to buying higher quality items. This does not mean luxury items. It just mean looking at items that aren’t cheaply constructed, and built to last. Focusing on quality will also help me reduce the urge to impulse buy, since sometimes it’s tough to resist a good sale.

While these goals are certainly ongoing goals, and not limited to one year, I hope to accomplish these and add even more goals for myself as the year progresses. I’ll review these goals on the site later on in the year, and I’ll also be posting my new purchases on Instagram, so follow me there too.