How to Weight Train and Maintain a Tailored Wardrobe



  1. A guy named Hubert had a life event which led to dramatic weight loss
  2. Hubert balled out, bought a bunch of new clothes, and got them tailored
  3. Now many of the tailored items no longer fit well
  4. Don’t be like Hubert; take your time before overhauling your wardrobe

If you do happen to be in this situation, you’ve got options to avoid wasting good clothes
Did you hear the one about the guy who lost a bunch of weight? The guy found himself buying an entirely new wardrobe eight months ago. He took the items to a good tailor and got each piece to where they fit like a glove. Only to find that much of his wardrobe is now ill-fitting, thanks to a change in his body composition.

Mind you, he did not lose weight. He didn’t gain weight either. He got stronger. He built some muscle. That muscle found itself in places where tailors usually find their focus. We’re talking shoulders, chest, back, and butt.

$20 says you didn’t know that guy was me. Well, it might be even some other folks you know. Heck, you, too, can be a victim to the challenges of having a shifting physique.

Well, today, I want to share some solutions to such a dilemma.

Before I begin, let’s give you insight into the perspective from where this help is derived.