My 2018 Style Goals

Photo by Jason Walker

It’s time for another batch of yearly style goals. I like to do these every year because they force me to do a few things a little differently and mix up my day-to-day outfits. They don’t have to be huge lofty goals. But before jumping into my 2018 goals, I’ll quickly recap on how I did for my 2017 goals

Grading 2017 Style Goals

Buy Less Clothing: I’ve been working on less impulse buying and more thoughtful, higher quality purchases. So I definitely dialed back the amount of clothes I bought last year.

Photo by Lesa Photography

Get more creative with my wardrobe: While I certainly bought less clothing last year, I don’t feel that I got too creative with what I already own.

Wear jeans less: This was tough. Jeans are my goto when I’m in a pinch, and they never disappoint. While I did wear chinos and non-denim pants a little bit more, it wasn’t a drastic change. I’d say I broke even on this goal.

Try a new accessory: This was my favorite goal from last year. I ended up opting for a hat as my new accessory, and I absolutely loved it. I wore it a bunch, especially over the summer. So I consider this a successful accomplishment.

Photo by Jason Walker

And now for 2018 goals…

Wear More Black
One of the most under represented colors in my wardrobe is black. I only have 2 black shirts that I occasionally wear. When I suit up I never wear black suits, and always wear brown dress shoes. All my casual loafers and boots are shades of brown. Generally, I don’t think I look good in black. But this year I’m going to challenge that notion, and attempt to add more black to my wardrobe.

Design a Leather Accessory
I’ve recently became very interested in leather craft. I’ve already dabbled in making a phone coaster, and now I have some ideas on other things I’d like to try and make. It’s pretty time consuming, but I’ve learned a lot already and think I can make a few cool things that suit a couple needs of mine. If I’m happy with the results, I might even sell a few, but that’s a stretch goal.

Wear a Sports Coat More
I don’t wear sports coat much at all unless I’m going to a client meeting. There are so many different creative ways to wear a sports coat and make it look less formal, so I’m setting a goal to try some of those ways.

Write More Here
2017, especially towards the end was one of the slower years of A Curated Style. And quite frankly, I think you readers deserve more stylish content than what I delivered last year. And I want to do something about that. I have a few interesting content ideas that I think you will like. While this isn’t directly related to a clothing item, it *does* force me to explore my style/wardrobe thoughts more, get them on paper, and delivered to your inbox.

Are you making style goals this year? If so I’d love to hear them. Shoot me and email and let me know: