Introducing Snap Style


A Curated Style started as an idea from a couple of guys who liked to share cool men’s style-related items and links with each other over instant messenger. Well… we still do this. (Marvin has been asked his opinion on WAY more varieties of loafer than he ever thought was possible.) Every day we come across cool wardrobe pieces of clothing and accessories.

And now we’d like to share them with you as well. Today we’re introducing Snap Style. We’ve created a new, separate email newsletter (and soon, a new section on the site) where we’ll occasionally send you a cool item we’ve found that we think will help you elevate your style just *that* much more. Many of these might be items that we own ourselves, things on sale, or general items that we love. For the most part, you can expect a pic of the item, our quick thoughts on it, and a link to where you can buy it. Short and sweet.

We promise not to spam you. These emails will be infrequent and spontaneous. But we think you’ll like it. Sign up below to jump on board.